TECH LONDON ADVOCATES is an unrivalled collection of tech leaders, experts and investors uniting to form the most influential group in tech. With no government backing, this is the voice of the private sector in London.

More than 15,000 Advocates volunteer their time to campaign for the future of London tech.








Who is it for?

  • Everyone within the tech ecosystem and those who want to join, partner and work with the tech ecosystem.
  • The organisation is volunteer-led, proudly independent and not- for- profit. The ethos of informal networking and peer-to-peer support has resonated with tech leaders worldwide.

Why does it exist?

  • We bring together a diverse and inclusive network of start-ups, scaleups, corporates, policymakers, and academics to drive the exchange of knowledge, ideas and experiences for the good of the global tech sector.
  • We connect the world’s fastest growing tech cities and regions.
  • We support a global inclusive community.
  • We give tech a voice worldwide.

Why should you join?

  • We offer a collaborative community who helps each other to grow, development, gain partnerships and business and talent opportunities through you building relationships within the tech community and ecosystem by the power of the network. What you put in and give, you get out as we are a not-for-profit organisation financed by sponsors, collaborating with partners and led by the kindness and goodwill of 17000 in UK and 30000 volunteers across the globe and you are welcome to join us so together we grow.

What does it offer you?

  • A number of events, newsletter, daily socials sharing knowledge, networking opportunities, collaboration opportunity, partnerships, introductions, webinars, resources, thought leadership, in touch with emerging tech issues.

Why does the model work?

  • Both Tech London Advocates and Global Tech Advocates are designed for very busy people on the frontline of the tech sector.

How to get involved in Working Groups?

  • There are 42 different working groups which you can join depending on your interests, please contact the relevant lead if you wish to collaborate. The list of TLA Working Groups is on this page. The list of GTA groups is on this page.

How to join and collaborate with us.

  • Email Russ at [email protected] to express interest to join and he will give you a personal invite and free membership. in return we ask you to be in a common purpose over ego attitude to give first and you will receive much in return culture. Please volunteer ideas, knowledge, and your time as you see fit to get involved, attend or even create events and we look forward to you joining our membership so that together we can grow.

History of TLA/GTA

  • What started in 2013 as a support group to give the private sector a voice in London’s nascent tech cluster has now become a global movement.
  • We have 17,000 tech leaders, experts and investors championing London as a globally significant tech hub and campaigning to address challenges facing tech companies in the UK.
  • We also have over 42 Global Tech Advocates working group networks in the world’s fastest growing tech cities and regions. There are GTA networks in every country in the United Kingdom and our reach now includes the US, Canada, Colombia and Mexico in the Americas, the Nordics, France, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, Italy, and Emerging countries in Europe, China, Japan, India and Singapore in Asia, UAE in the Middle East, Ghana and Nigeria in Africa, and Australia in Oceania.

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